Four Bad Habits That Can Damage Our Oral Health

Four Bad Habits That Can Damage Our Oral Health

Good oral hygiene habits are an essential part of maintaining good oral health. Good dental hygiene keeps your teeth healthy and free of decay, gum disease, and other dental problems. Practicing good oral hygiene will not only keep your teeth healthy, but it will also keep your mouth clean and fresh. On the other hand, some habits can harm our oral health. Here are some of them.

  • Not brushing or flossing regularly

Brushing and flossing at least twice every day is a must for a healthy smile. But often, people forget to do so, and this results in plaque buildup. If you don't remove plaque from your teeth, it can cause cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Plaque also leads to bad breath. If you neglect to brush and floss, your unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to many serious health problems like heart attack and diabetes. So make sure you take good care of your oral health by brushing and flossing regularly.

  • Not visiting your dentist regularly

Skipping regular visits to the dentist can cost you more than just cavities. In fact, it can have serious effects on your overall health. Visiting a dentist once every six months is a good rule of thumb for measuring how often you should visit. This might seem like a lot but trust us when we say that it truly is in your best interests. The dentist will clean your teeth professionally so you will receive the deepest cleaning possible. They will look for any signs of decay, gingivitis, and other oral diseases. Any problems will be caught early on, and treatment can begin immediately. So if you haven't been to your dentist in a while – don't wait any longer! Make an appointment, and start the journey to a healthier smile.

  • Nail biting

Biting nails can damage enamel, chip or crack the teeth, and irritate the soft tissues in your mouth, like your gums. Over time, it can also lead to infections of the mouth. In addition, nail biting can be distracting and make it more difficult to focus at work or school. If you are trying to stop biting your nails, try placing a bitter-tasting substance on your fingertips whenever you feel the urge. Chewing on the gum or another alternative can also help. If your habit is causing you significant distress, consider talking to your general physician about available treatment options.

  • Using teeth as tools

While chewing on pen caps and pencils may seem like an innocent habit, it could lead to broken teeth and fillings over time. This can damage your teeth beyond repair and may even cause tooth loss. Plus, pens and pencils may have bacteria on them that spread germs to your mouth when chewed on. Over time, this can lead to cavities and even gum disease. Besides, using teeth to open bottles and tear packages can also harm dental enamel.

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