SOLEA Needle-Free Laser Fillings in Richland, WA

SOLEA Needle-Free Laser Fillings in Richland, WA

SOLEA Needle-Free Laser Fillings

An advanced dental technology, the Solea laser eliminates the need for needles, drills, and scalpels for dental procedures. It helps ease the anxiety dental procedures cause some patients, making it ideal for patients of all ages undergoing any dental procedures. Solea laser dentistry involves the use of laser energy as opposed to a traditional drill. The Solea laser is precise, minimally invasive, and painless, allowing patients to have dental treatments without the need for an anesthetic in most cases.

Virtually free of needles and sound of the dental drill

Patients who avoid the dentist because of anxiety can now have dental treatments done through this alternative treatment that needs no needles, drills, and sedation. Solea laser is a virtually pain-free and nearly sound-free dental laser that works by projecting an energy beam to your teeth. Patients would not need anesthesia, and most patients do not need any pain medication following treatment.

Fast and easy, the procedures can be done in a single visit

Since the Solea laser works fast, it allows for most dental procedures to be done in one dental visit without having you spend a long time in the dental chair. Less time in a dental chair equals less time away from your busy life.

Lets you get back to your day in minutes

The Solea laser is so gentle, it causes no inflammation or bleeding. This means no post-treatment pain and no need for pain medication. And no anesthesia means you don't have to spend your day with an uncomfortable, numb sensation in the mouth. It also means you're free to go about your day right after leaving your dental appointment.

Benefits of Solea Laser


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